Bromine is a halogen element that is liquid at room temperature. It is a strong oxidizing agent. Bromine is largely used in the production of flame retardants and brine drilling fluids. Bromine is also used in flow batteries, pharmaceuticals, water treatment, dyes, and in a variety of industrial applications. The main sources of bromine and its compounds are natural salt deposits (in seawater and evaporitic lakes) and brines associated with petroleum deposits. The global bromine demand is increasing, due to increased demand for electric vehicles which require hydrogen bromide flow batteries, and its other major industry applications.

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Tetra – Magnolia

  • Client: Standard Lithium Ltd.
  • Commodities: Li
  • GPS: 33.28, -93.53
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  • Client: LLC, Saltwerx
  • Commodities: Br, Li
  • GPS: 33.18, -93.50

Fox Creek

  • Client: LithiumBank Resources Corp.
  • Commodities: Li
  • GPS: 54.28, -117.01

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Roy Eccles
MSc, P. Geol., P. Geo. Chief Operation Officer