Geophysical Field Services

APEX’s geophysical staff is available to assist our clients in selecting geophysical target areas and recommending geophysical survey methods that will be most beneficial to our clients’ specific projects.

  • Preliminary methodology advice and costing of airborne and ground geophysical surveys
  • Management and contracting of airborne and ground geophysical surveys
  • Completion of ground geophysical surveys including:
    • Magnetics
    • Electromagnetics
    • Ground Penetrating Radar
    • Gravity
  • Data processing, interpretation and presentation

In the Field


AngilakCase Study

The Angilak Uranium Project is located approximately 225 km southwest of Baker Lake in the…

MPD Core Warehouse

MPD Property

Gold RockCase Study

The Gold Rock and Pan Mine projects are Carlin-style gold deposits located in White Pine…

Drill pad Lawyers, Golden Horseshoe northern BC

LawyersCase Study

APEX has consulted for Benchmark Metals Inc. (Benchmark) on the Lawyers project for over 5 years. APEX has provided full project management, logistics, drill planning, core processing, surveying, mapping, soil and rock sampling, ground based geophysics, resource modelling, report writing services, historical data compilation and…

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Use and Applications

  • Data processing and Interpretation

  • Geophysics Program Design

  • Gravity

  • Magnetics

  • Time Domain Electromagnetics

  • Very Low Frequency Electromagnetics