APEX is pleased to emphasize that we specialize in ALL phases of exploration from grassroots greenfield projects to brownfield exploration projects by providing full service geological consulting services. We work closely with our clients and stakeholders, and the communities we operate in, to support and operate exploration programs that are socially, environmentally and economically sustainable.

Social Responsibility

APEX has an astute awareness of the importance of social responsibility and safety, and takes a vested interest in understanding the overall attributes of a country prior to commencing work. We work in every territory with respect, awareness, and sensitivity toward the local people, customs, business practices, culture, and land, leaving as light a footprint as possible. APEX ensures that all employees are briefed on the country, location, and surroundings they will be working in, and on any safety and security concerns prior to deployment. APEX believes social responsibility is a reciprocal practice.

APEX has decades of experience working out of, and with, indigenous communities in Canada. This includes in the remote Canadian Arctic where the communities are isolated and retain a strong connection to the land and environment. The knowledge gained from working in and with these communities puts APEX at the forefront of awareness in operating exploration programs in harmony with all stakeholders. This experience is transferable to working alongside communities globally, the essence of which is a cross cultural ease founded on open-mindedness, awareness and respect.

APEX seeks to be a positive contributor to the local and regional communities, businesses and environments wherever our projects take us. APEX employs workers from local communities especially in remote project locations to provide on the job training and mentoring for local hires. We excel at maintaining excellent multi-year working relationships with all stakeholders involved.

Health and Safety

Health and safety is an inherent right for all employees and stakeholders and is critical to the success of APEX. It is of utmost importance while working in remote field locations or areas with security concerns. In recognition of this APEX has a comprehensive Employee Safety and Orientation Handbook, accompanied by a Field Safety Presentation and project specific emergency protocol procedures. All employees are held accountable for their actions and are expected to conduct themselves with the highest level of professionalism while being aware of their surroundings and complying with corporate policies.

All employees are required to familiarize themselves with essential documents and abide by them. APEX management holds an open-door policy where all employees are encouraged to feel comfortable and confident to address any Health and Safety concerns with any member of the management team.


In line with heightened global consciousness and demands for responsibility toward environmental concerns, APEX has adopted an Environmental Policy and Procedures. The core foundation of this policy is recognizing the unique circumstance of early-stage prospecting and exploration, both by setting a precedent for the future, and observing baseline conditions. APEX is firmly committed to environmentally responsible best practices for mineral exploration and development, and ensuring that exploration is conducted in a manner which minimizes environmental impacts.

Ethics and Quality

Transparency is key to all of APEX’s activities and business transactions.

APEX upholds standards against corruption, bribery, conflict of interest, and human rights violations of all types while promoting honesty, integrity, transparency, inclusion and accountability. This fosters an environment of credibility and trust with clients, communities and employees.

While Quality is usually bundled together with HSE (QHSE), APEX views Quality as a crucial part of ethics. Our geologists are registered professionals with numerous accreditation bodies. APEX completes due diligence on all projects from implementation to execution to ensure they are operated at the highest standard. APEX uses ISO certified labs for all sample analysis.

APEX commits to using the most cost effective and sustainable practices and upholds qualities for exploring responsibly in accordance with the PDAC Framework for Responsible Exploration.