APEX is a full-service, independent geological consulting firm that specializes in project implementation, geological and geophysical field services, and geological interpretation and reporting.

Project Implementation

The mineral exploration and mining space is full of competition, risk, and potential – especially during project implementation. That’s why it’s important to build a team you can trust to effectively plan, manage, and execute your project.

From grassroots to advanced exploration, our diverse team of geologists, geophysicists, and geological engineers work on projects across the globe. Together we give you clarity on the best path forward based on a depth of knowledge and technical expertise garnered over decades of experience in the resource sector.

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  • Project Generation, Evaluation, and Analysis
  • Exploration Program Design and Budgeting
  • Risk Assessment and Mitigation
  • Project Management and Execution

Geological Field Services

APEX offers a full suite of geological field services in any terrain or climate. Field crews are experienced with soil and rock sampling from small, targeted prospecting programs to large property or regional scale programs with > 10,000 samples. We provide detailed geological mapping, and ground geophysics, including magnetic and very low frequency (VLF); which, used in combination, can define important geological units and structures for targeting. We provide clean usable data from the field in real time. APEX is also experienced in collecting till samples, trenching, bulk samples, water samples and biogeochemical samples.

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  • Project Management and Execution
  • Drill Program Management
  • Geological Mapping and Prospecting
  • Property Evaluations and QP Site Visits

Geophysical Field Services

APEX’s geophysical staff is available to assist our clients in selecting geophysical target areas and recommending geophysical survey methods that will be most beneficial to our clients’ specific projects.

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  • Planning of Airborne and Ground Geophysical Surveys
  • Costing, Management, and Contracting
  • Execution of Ground Geophysical Surveys

Interpretation and Reporting

The APEX technical team has extensive experience in all aspects of mineral exploration and development reporting, including due diligence reporting, assessment reporting, QA-QC reporting, technical reporting and public reporting compliance. APEX provides timely and accurate reporting services to numerous clients on a global scale.

Our experts have the knowledge and competence to provide an interpretative summary of scientific and technical information concerning mineral exploration, development, and production activities on mineral properties for internal and public reporting. APEX will review and analyse all available geological, geochemical and geophysical data, and will deliver expert advice on exploration strategy, mineral targeting and future work programmes.

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  • Geological, Geochemical, Geophysical Data Interpretation
  • Due Diligence Reports
  • Assessment Reports
  • Quality Assurance – Quality Control Reporting

Resource Estimation Services

Mineral resource estimates (MREs) serve different purposes depending on your Project's stage within the mining cycle; however, they always inform critical decisions by the operating company and, in most cases, investors. Therefore, MRE studies must be robust and accurately represent the deposit to instill confidence in the Project's stakeholders.

With a deep background in geology and an advanced understanding of geostatistical methods and theory, APEX offers a unique service to fulfill your Project's needs. APEX has experience creating NI 43-101, JORC, and SAMREC-compliant resource estimates for various projects and commodities worldwide.

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  • Maiden Mineral Resource Estimate
  • Updated Mineral Resource Estimate
  • Internal Mineral Resource Estimate
  • Economic Studies
  • Resource Expansion Planning
  • Density and Metallurgical Program Design

Geostatistical Services

You'll need to answer critical questions as your project advances from grassroots exploration to production. Whether you are identifying prospective geochemical signatures for regional targeting, optimizing drilling spacing, or understanding recovery and density through geological characteristics, traditional data analysis approaches can be insufficient to uncover the complex geological relationships within your data thoroughly.

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  • Regional And Deposit Scale Targeting
  • Mineralization Style Characterization
  • Drill Hole Spacing Analysis
  • Rock Density and Metallurgical Response Characterization
  • Data Validation, Integration, and Analysis