Lead is a soft, malleable heavy metal that is denser than most common materials, possesses a low melting point and is resistant to corrosion. Lead has historically been used in a wide array of applications. Currently the primary use for lead is in batteries, however it is also used as ammunition, weights/counterbalances and in construction applications. Economic lead deposits include, sedimentary exhalative (SEDEX), Mississippi Valley Type (MVT) Volcanogenic Massive Sulphide (VMS) systems. The current rate of exploration and development of major new lead projects will not keep up with the projected increasing demand for the commodity.

Featured Projects

Vangorda Plateau

  • Client: Broden Mining Ltd.
  • Commodities: Ag, Pb, Zn
  • GPS: 62.27, -133.36
Drilling at Whundo


  • Client: GreenTech Metals Ltd.
  • Commodities: Pb, Al, Cu, Ni, Zn
  • GPS: -21.07, 116.93


  • Client: Rumble Resources Ltd.
  • Commodities: Pb, Ag, Zn
  • GPS: -25.65, 120.56