Jerry Holmes BSc, P.Geo.

Senior Geologist

Jerry has worked with APEX since 2005 as a student geologist until the completion of his degree in 2010 from Simon Fraser University. Since, Jerry has acted as a Project Manager on exploration programs throughout Canada, U.S.A., Greenland, Fiji, and Africa, as well as a Wellsite Geologist in regions of Manitoba and Alberta. His exploration experience includes work on porphyry and skarn copper-gold, structurally related gold, Carlin type gold deposits, sediment- and volcanic-hosted massive sulphides, iron ore, metasedimentary nickel-copper, uranium, kimberlite, placer gold and jade, and fault-related graphite. As a wellsite geologist, Jerry has worked on silica sand development program in Manitoba, as well as several oil sands exploration and development programs in Alberta, including extensive vertical observation wells, water wells, SAGD facility development, and geotechnical and reclamation drilling.

In 2021 and 2022 Jerry has been focused on managing the RC and diamond drill programs at Calibre Mining Corp.’s Gold Rock project and Pan Mine. Drill programs over the 2 year period have included over 700 holes totalling over 130,000 m.

Services Provided

  • Project design, management and execution
  • Data compilation, validation, and management
  • Exploration permit acquisition
  • Claim staking support
  • Target delineation
  • Geological mapping and prospecting
  • Geochemical sampling: rock, till, soil, water, trench
  • Drill program management
  • Ground geophysical surveys: magnetics, electromagnetics, ground penetrating radar
  • Geological and geochemical data interpretation
  • QP site visits
  • Assessment Report writing
  • Technical Report writing

Deposit Styles

  • Porphyry and Skarn Gold and Copper Deposits (Southern BC)
  • Fault Related Graphite Deposits (Alaska, USA.)
  • Carlin-type Sedimentary Disseminated Gold Deposits (southwest USA)
  • Archean Lode-Gold Deposits (Northern Canada)
  • Banded Iron Formation (BIF) (Northern Canada)
  • Kimberlite (Northern Canada, Alberta)
  • Volcanogenic Massive Sulphide (Kuroko Type) (Fiji)
  • Unconformity-related Uranium (Northern Saskatchewan)
  • Ultramafic Hosted Iron Ore Deposits (Greenland)
  • Metasedimentary Hosted Nickel-Copper Deposits (Manitoba)
  • Vein-Hosted Gold, Silver, and Base Metals (Southern BC)
  • Orogenic Gold Deposits (Canadian Arctic)
  • Epithermal Gold ± Silver (Canadian Cordillera)
  • Porphyry Copper-Gold and Copper-Molybdenum Systems (Canadian Cordillera)
  • Placer Gold (Northern BC)
  • Jade (Northern BC)
  • Bituminous Coal Deposits (Northern BC)
  • Oil Sand Deposits (Alberta)
  • Frac Sand Deposits (Manitoba)