Silver is a precious metal commonly found as argentite, argent tennantite, tetrahedrite, chlorargyrite, among others. Silver is regularly associated with gold, copper and lead-zinc ore and can be mined both as a main product or as a byproduct. Silver is common in volcanogenic massive sulfide VMS deposits, sedimentary exhalative (SEDEX), lithogene and magmatic-hydrothermal deposits, including epithermal vein hosted deposits.

Silver has been used historically as a monetary metal as well as in jewelry while its properties of malleability, conductivity among others, allow for several applications in a variety of industries, including medicine, water purification, window and mirror manufacturing, dental alloys, electronics, solar/photovoltaic panels, and batteries. The growing use in the energy and automotive sectors has increased the demand for silver over the past decade.

Featured Projects

Ixtaca Project

  • Client: Almaden Minerals Ltd.
  • Commodities: Ag, Au
  • GPS: 19.69, -97.87

Dolly Varden

  • Client: Dolly Varden Silver Corp.
  • Commodities: Ag
  • GPS: 55.67, -129.38

Clanton Hills

  • Client: Supernova Metals Corp.
  • Commodities: Ag
  • GPS: 33.30, -113.46

Bayhorse Silver Deposit

  • Client: Bayhorse Silver Inc.
  • Commodities: Ag
  • GPS: 44.45, -117.22

Consultants Involved

Andrew Turner
P.Geol. Principal
Kris Raffle
P.Geo. Principal
Michael Dufresne
MSc, P.Geol., P.Geo. President and Principal
Rachelle Hough
BSc, P.Geo. Senior Geologist